Getting More Leads & Students For Your Martial Arts School

In the last blog post, I told you about the 3 key areas that you need to have dialed in to make your school as profitable as possible.
If you didn’t read that post, then go here and read that first… then come back and read this email where you are going to discover how to get new students on a consistent basis.

Imagine a bucket 🪣 filled with water that has a few small holes at the bottom.

The “water” represents your students. The small holes at the bottom are where the students leak out… aka quit or cancel their membership.
No matter how great your school is, you always lose a couple of students each month… we will talk about how to slow this leak down in the next email, but we can never stop the leaks completely.

This is why must have a constant flow of water (new students) coming in at the top of the bucket. Otherwise, you eventually go to zero.

The #1 mistake martial arts school owners make is starting and stopping their advertising campaigns… you need a CONSTANT flow of new students coming in to your school every week. 

Without consistent lead flow you will never grow your school to its potential.

The schools that stay stuck at a certain level are the ones who start and stop advertising or even worse never advertise at all.

Here are the top 🖐️ marketing campaigns that are working in 2023

▪Facebook & Instagram Ads for lead generation & remarketing
▪Google PPC Ads for lead generation & remarketing
▪YouTube Ads for retargeting
▪Direct Mail for lead generation
▪Email & SMS Marketing for lead nurture and follow up

Once you have the “faucet” turned on… KEEP IT ON… do NOT turn your lead generation campaigns off.

The next mistake I see school owners make is that they do not follow up with their leads consistently.

⏰ Once you get a new lead they should be contacted within 5 minutes or less. ⏰

This is called “speed to lead” in the marketing world. If you wait longer than 5 minutes to contact a new lead, the chances of them getting scheduled in drop off dramatically.

Most school owners are flat out lazy when it comes to contacting and following up with leads.
Remember, you are the CEO of your business and if your competitors are doing a better job than you, you will lose students to them.

Make sure you are tracking every stage of the lead from first call, to them getting scheduled, to them showing and signing up.
You must have constant communication and reminders set up for every stage of the leads journey. (You can do all of this in the Conversion Bees software).

If you want or need training on how to use the Conversion Bees software to manage your leads and make more sales for your martial arts school, go here and watch the course inside of our community.

Jeremy Henderson
 MMA Marketing Pro
P.S. In the next post (part 3) I will go into more detail about the second key area in growing your business. “Retention”

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