How to Keep Your Students Training With You Longer

In the last blog post, you learned how to get more leads and students in your door.If you didn’t read that post then go here and read that first… then come back and read this email where you are going to discover how to keep your students training with you longer!

Just like the last post, I want you to Imagine a bucket 🪣 filled with water that has a few small holes at the bottom.

The “water” represents your students. The small holes at the bottom are where the students leak out… aka quit or cancel their membership.

No matter how great your school is, you always lose a couple of students each month… BUT we can slow this leak and keep more of your students training longer.

The #1 reason students quit is because of confusion and the lack of a clear path towards their goals.
In the beginning, your students are excited at the possibility of becoming good at Jiu-Jitsu or Mixed Martial Arts.

However, that excitement quickly fades when they realize they aren’t as good as they hoped they would be 3 months in.

This is why it’s critical to have a thought-out onboarding process along with consistent communication about what they should expect at each stage of their journey.

Here are the top 🖐️ things you should do when you onboard a new student + what to do on an ongoing basis for all of your students.

1. Have a welcome packet
that they get physically + a digital copy that goes out via email. At a minimum, this welcome packet should explain all of your academy rules, what the student should expect in their first 30, 60, & 90 days of training, how promotions work in your academy, and how to update billing.

2. Have an online community
– this can be with a Facebook group or with the Conversion Bees software community feature! You can use the community as a communication platform for your students. You can tease the upcoming weeks’ lessons, post videos, announcements, etc… the point is to give them a place to gather & communicate online as a community.

. Have a curriculum + monthly testing – having a curriculum for your beginner students & kids programs gives them a clear path on what they need to know in order to progress. Plus, having monthly testing will help with class attendance because they know they will be tested on the material at the end of each month or cycle.

4. Have pre-planned events for your current students & their families
– having quarterly events such as BBQs, parents’ night out, etc… gives your students more time to bond, and this will create a family-like environment that will keep everyone training together longer.

5. Weekly Newsletters
– every week you should send an email newsletter recapping the prior week, teasing the upcoming week, and announcing any events or happenings that you want your students to know about. The fact is your students spend the majority of their hours outside of your school with many other things competing for their attention. You must stay in front of all the competing messages and keep your students excited & engaged with your academy.

These are just a few of the things that you must do to keep your student’s training longer. These are the keys to reaching 300+ members!

Be sure to show up on our Sunday night LIVE community calls to learn even more and stay on top of the business trends that will help you reach your goals.

eremy Henderson
MMA Marketing Pro

P.S. In the next post (part 4), I will go into more detail about adding multiple streams of income to your martial arts school!

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